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Privatna stomatološka ordinacija doktora dentalne medicine Lidija Crvelin Jelić, koja je i sudski vještak, prvu ordinaciju otvara u Zadru 1986., dok 1993. godine otvara ordinaciju u Zagrebu na adresi Hrgovići 33. Uz privatne usluge nudimo i usluge preko Croatia zdravstvenog osiguranja i Merkur osiguranja.

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Our patients are our greatest recommendation

Burda Atelier

“Nakon što su mi svugdje rekli da ne mogu stavit implatante, jer sam alergična u centru Jelić su mi ugradili protetiku od titana. Jako sam sretna, jer sam mislila da cu ostat bez zuba. Danas imam sve zube zahvaljujući njima.”

Oral surgery

"I was extracting a tooth and it was a pleasant experience. The oral surgeon was very professional and considerate throughout the process. They provided clear instructions on aftercare and follow-up, which helped me recover quickly. I recommend Dental Center Jelić to everyone."

Long time patient

"I have been going to the dental center Jelić for years and I have always been satisfied with the quality of care I received. All dentists are very professional and knowledgeable and always find time to explain procedures and answer my questions. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an excellent dentist.”


"I decided to whiten my teeth and I was extremely satisfied with the result. I felt very comfortable throughout the procedure and now have beautiful white teeth. I would recommend the dental center Jelić to everyone who wants to have a more beautiful smile."

Children's dentistry

"My child's teeth hurt and we contacted the Dental Centar Jelić. We were accepted very quickly. The doctor communicated with the child in a very kind and professional manner, which calmed him down. His tooth no longer hurts, and the doctor explained to us what to pay attention to and how to maintain dental hygiene. My recommendation."


"They discovered some things about my teeth that I didn't know and helped me make a plan to treat them. I am very satisfied with the work."

Avoid pain and save money with regular checkups

Regular check-ups can prevent the occurrence of various diseases and problems such as:

Tooth decay
Tooth damage
Tooth loss