The Air-Flow Method preventive measures

The key element of any successful dental procedure is a proper oral hygiene of one's mouth and teeth.

A perfectly clean tooth never decays, healthy gums do not bleed and there is no bad breath. That is the reason why we put such emphasis on the preventive measures and education.

The individual approach to educating every patient on the importance of one's diet as well as on the role of hygiene in maintaining oral health shows excellent results by increasing both the oral hygiene level and the overall health level. It is important to note the importance of our cooperation with pregnant women, new parents and our youngest patients, because our mutual cooperation gives us the ability to ensure: preventive measures, early detection and painless elimination of all oral cavity diseases in our youngest patients.










The liquid enamel contains substances, which enable one's dental enamel to restore its normal phosphate, fluoride and calcium levels and help to harden the tooth, so it becomes resistant to dental caries.

Food deposits of all kinds, soft (dental plaque), hard (tartar) or brown pigmentations, which can be found on one's teeth are not only considered to be an aesthetic imperfection but this debris are also considered to be clusters of filth and bacteria, which can imperil healthy gums or in other words, they can cause chronic inflammation, first gingivitis, which progresses into a chronic periodontitis, which is commonly known as the "paradentosis". The accumulation of the bacteria on the surface of the tooth is a process, which is considered to be the key aetiological factor for the development of the most common dental cavity disease - the dental caries.

Nowadays, a toothbrush and toothpaste are not the sufficient enough aids for conducting healthy teeth. However, even if the oral hygiene is conducted properly, there is still a need for a professional dental cleaning. In fact, the pigmentations found in some food or beverages tend to get left behind on the surface of the tooth and they tend to be not only an aesthetic problem but also an important causative factor in the development of the aforementioned pathological processes.




The AIR FLOW method of the professional dental cleaning-dental sandblasting
This method enables us to perform a professional dental cleaning in our dental centre, by using a controlled jet of fine sodium bicarbonate particles (particle size <100 nm) mixed with a jet of water and compressed air. Depending on the quantity of the deposits the removal procedure can last from 15 to 30 minutes and the procedure is completely painless. By using the airflow method regularly, we can prevent the development of the dental diseases such as dental plaque, dental caries, gingivitis and periodontitis.


The liquid enamel preventive measures - the benefits of the GC Tooth Mouse

  • delivers RecaldentTM (ACP-CPP) to restore
    mineral balance in the oral environment;
  • provides extra protection against dental caries;
  • reduces dental hypersensitivity caused by
    the external sources (for example cold or warm substances);
  • reduces the quantity of dental plaque as
    well as the possibility for bleeding gums
    in patients who have dental braces;
  • restores balance after the procedures such
    as tooth whitening, professional cleaning,
    root canal therapy and curettage;
  • helps neutralise acid challenges from
    acidogenic bacteria in plaque and other
    internal and external acid sources;
  • makes teeth feel smoker and cleaner
    for a long period of time;
  • restores mineral balance in patients with
    salivary deficiencies such as xerostomia
    (also referred to as the dry mouth  syndrome);