A dental arch needs to be full because of the fact that the forces generated from mastication of food can be unevenly distributed onto the neighbouring teeth, so that the teeth can start to lean out, tend to drift or grow in crooked. Dental prosthetics is a field of dentistry, which prevents and provides solutions for these dental abnormalities through constructing crowns, bridges or dentures.

1. Fixed dentures

What is a crown and what is a bridge? A crown is a fixed dental restoration that is placed over a single tooth or an implant to cover the tooth and restore its full aesthetic appearance. In our dental centre the crowns are made of a variety of different materials such as acrylic, metal ceramics or of different types of non-metal ceramics. A dental bridge is a construction, which is used to span a gap in a partially toothless jaw and it can span a gap ranging from a tooth to several teeth, depending on the location of the supporting teeth, which can be used as pillars.






2. Removable dentures

In cases where patients have suffered from a complete tooth loss we make full dentures, whereas in cases of the loss of several teeth, we make partial dentures. By replacing the lost teeth with prosthetic dentures, the process of further bone resorption (or jaw bone loss) is stopped.

  • Full denture;           
  • Partial denture.

3. Combined dentures

Combined prosthetic restorations provide quality solutions for conditions in which we can fit a telescopic crown or a precision attachment onto a small number of your remaining teeth, so that the patient gets excellent functionality and aesthetics.

While your denture is being made in our dental centre, it is possible to make you an immediate denture or the immediate crowns, so that you can restore both the functional and the aesthetic aspect of your masticatory system. If the crowns and bridges are being made, we can make an immediate denture in only one appointment to ensure that the patient leaves our dental centre with his or her teeth. This enables the patient to function normally.



4. Implant-supported dentures

An implant-supported denture is a type of a denture where a dental implant takes over the function of a tooth root.