Mini dental implants (MDIs)

Dental implants had changed the course of dental medicine to such an extent there is no need for the unnecessary tooth reshaping and the need for denture usage (or more precisely for removable dentures) is significantly decreasing. We can say that today's technology enables us to get the implantoprosthetic results, which are easier to predict then the results we get from attaching a dental bridge to one's natural teeth. The guaranteed efficacy of the implantoprosthetic therapy is around 97%.

Dental implant can be described as an artificial replacement, which is implanted into the jaw bone to replace the lost tooth root. A dental implant is made of biocompatible titanium and it does not cause any allergic reactions. In our dental centre we use the Nobel Biocare implants. There is an indication for placement of mini dental implants when it is not possible to use the regular size dental implants due to unfavourable anatomic conditions. By placing mini dental implants we are able to contribute to the stability and retention of a full denture in one's mouth.







Mini dental implants procedure:

  • A patient needs to undergo a thorough diagnostics, which includes the oral cavity examination, examining the patient's jawbones by taking dental x-rays and gaining the patient's medical history.
  • The surgical placement of mini dental  implants is done under local anaesthesia by using a minimally invasive method, without cutting the oral mucosa.
  • By maintaining oral hygiene and having regular dental checkups you will be able to reach a lifelong durability of your dental implants.
  • This procedure enables the patients with a total tooth loss or the ones who need to use removable dentures to get a fixed solution for their dental problem.

Four or five  mini dental implants can be placed in the lower jaw bone, while six mini dental implants can be placed in the upper jaw bone. In our dental centre this procedure is done under local anaesthesia in only one visit.