Gnathology is the study of the functions of all the elements involved in the process of mastication-the temporomandibular joint, the relationship between the teeth and the muscles of mastication. There is a connection between the temporomandibular joint, the spine, the pelvis, the hips, the knees and feet i.e. the relationship between the head, the body and the process of moving. The functional disorder of one link in the chain automatically leads to functional disorders of all of the other links. The preventive measures, therapy and the conservative methods can be done by using splints, which release the tension from the TMJ, the teeth and the muscles and enable these elements to function in harmony.
The patient wears the splints at night to protect the teeth from further aberration and to protect the prosthetic work from cracking.

During the teeth grinding activity (Bruxism) the bite forces, which affect the teeth, gums and the joints are three times stronger than during mastication. In time, this may lead to bite lowering, which causes changes of appearance, jaw joint pain, headaches and neck aches. A healthy oral cavity and healthy teeth serve as a precondition of having the splints made for you.