Root canal therapy and the root canal filling treatments

Endodontic therapy includes methods of treating toothache that may develop as a result of dental caries, which invades the pulp of a tooth. We are able to perform a successful root canal therapy by using modern examination and therapeutic methods and we are able to save many of the infected teeth. The process of determining the root canal length is done by using both the RVG and the electronic apex locator device and the root canal filling treatments can be performed in one or two visits.

The mechanical treatment of root canals is, currently, the latest method of root canal therapy. Cleaning and widening a root canal by using the NiTi instruments, which are made of a Nickel-Titanium alloy, can be done safely now, without the risk of fracturing the re-contouring   instruments inside a root canal. The tooth root can be used for supporting a future denture. This kind of treatment enables the dentist to save the tooth and leave it in place for a longer period of time, but it needs to be fixed with a parapulpal retention pin and a crown.


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