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A digital dental radiography - Orthopan

It enables us to make a thorough and accurate diagnosis fast, while, simultaneously , it helps us to improve the work efficiency in our practice through enhanced communication both with the patients and among the colleagues as well. It provides us with clear and high-quality digital recordings with the exposure settings set to guarantee the optimal image quality in a matter of seconds. Furthermore, the dentist is able to conduct the analysis of the given digital recordings easily, by using numerous additional tools for the digital image processing.

There is no need for spending time in the waiting room or making an appointment… Your digital recordings are available immediately!

Your recordings are available on a dental x-ray film or on a CD and they can be electronically sent to your dentist, in arrangement with the patient.



Some of the advantages of the digital radioviziography:

  • minimal radiation;
  • greatly enhanced precision of the recordings as
    well as better examination possibilities;
  • software analysis of the bone mineral density;
  • detail enhancement function;
  • contrast enhanced imaging of the hard and
    soft tissue structures of the oral cavity;
  • there is no need to lose time on image processing;
  • a large number of digital recordings, which can
    be easily stored in the patient's file.




RVG and RTG (x-ray) technology for the individual tooth recordings

The RVG technology (radioviziography) is a digital recording of the tooth, which reduces the radiation of the patient for up to 90%, if compared with classic RTG (x-ray) technology. Its advantages reflect in enabling the immediate analysis of the given recordings and the precise diagnostic possibilities. The program that we use for the RVG recordings enables us, among other things, to make the precise measurements of the root canal lengths.

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The intraoral camera

The intraoral camera is connected to a computer monitor and it allows a few dozen times magnification ,providing us with the video view of either the whole oral cavity or of a single tooth, so that the patient gets fully informed about his or her dental conditions. The intraoral camera examination is the most precise examination, which allows us to save your recordings on our computer so that we can save the recordings of your dental conditions before and after the therapy. This allows us to get the insight in the progress as well as in the results of the therapy. The times when only dental mirrors could provide us with this kind of insight are long gone.