Cosmetic dentistry

The purpose of all of the branches of dentistry is to provide preventive measures to preserve oral health, but also to match high aesthetic standards. Cosmetic dentistry is a branch of dentistry which is specialised in the health improvement of one's teeth and the oral cavity as a whole, in making one's smile  beautiful and, thus, improving the patient's overall appearance. The advanced materials we use in our work enable us to give you a perfect smile.

1. Dental jewellery

The dental jewellery is glued onto the enamel of the selected tooth or teeth. It is a non-invasive procedure, which does not cause any damage to the enamel and during which chemical agents are used in order to attach the dental jewellery onto the teeth. We offer you a wide range of different dental jewellery to choose from.


2.  Tooth whitening

  • The zoom lamp (Zoom 2 lamp)

The treatment typically last from about an hour to an hour and a half and you can get your teeth three or more shades whiter in only one visit. Depending on the shade you want, we recommend the number of treatments individually. Due to the amount of light energy, this lamp is the most innovative device available. The durability of the given shade may vary from patient to patient and the treatment needs to be repeated in three years, because the given shade needs maintenance. The durability of the results is individual, depending on the structure of the teeth, the patient's diet and on certain habits (such as smoking). In order to maintain the given result for as long as possible, patients will get special bleaching trays and a special whitening material , so that they can perform the additional tooth whitening process at home.

 The teeth are polished in order to get perfectly clean. Then, we need to make sure that the working area is completely dry and get the patient's gums and lips protected from the light. Then, a whitening gel is applied, which gets activated by shining a special blue light from the zoom lamp onto the teeth. The blue light releases the oxygen from the hydrogen peroxide in the gel. The oxygen penetrates the enamel layer and then the dentine layer of the teeth and the end result of this process is tooth whitening. At the end of the tooth whitening treatment the patient undergoes the preventive measures with the dental trays to restore mineral levels, so that the enamel is shiny, white and protected from dental caries.











  • The in-office tooth whitening treatment
    with dental trays and the whitening gel
  • Home tooth whitening with dental trays
    and the whitening gel

According to the dental impression of your jaw the dental trays are custom-made. Then, these dental trays can be filled with the tooth whitening material.


3.  Veneers -the materials they can be made of are composite or ceramics

Composite veneers are made either in our office or in the dental laboratory, whereas ceramic veneers are made exclusively in the dental laboratory and they are, then, glued to the front of the tooth. The tooth needs to be filed down minimally. Veneers are highly aesthetic dental restorations, but the list of indications for using veneers is limited. Veneers are used for the treatmant of the teeth that had undergone a change in colour, for decreasing spacing between teeth, for covering the cracks in the dental enamel and for changing the irregular shape or size of the tooth.