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Payment options

In some cases, a thorough medical examination may require the Digital Orthopan service,
which can be performed in our dental centre without the need for making an appointment
or spending time in the waiting room.

We offer discounts on several of our services.

The interest-free credit options:

  • American Express, if the payment is released in 6 instalments or less
  • Diners, if payment is released in up to 12 instalments
  • MasterCard, Maestro, Go Card and Visa for payments
    released in up to 12 instalments

The interest-bearing credit options:

  • We can offer you the consumer credit arrangements for the total amount of credit
    ranging from 500,00 Kuna to 80.000,00 Kuna. The payment may be released in
    2 to 60 monthly instalments.