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Welcome to Dental Centre Jelić's homepage.

We offer you a top - quality dental care in a relaxing atmosphere and pleasant surroundings, because our mission is to make our patients happy and satisfied with our services.

"The Dental centre Jelić is a dental medicine practice, located in Zagreb, 33 Hrgovići street, in the Jarun district. Our expert team consists of a number of younger Doctors of Dental Medicine - dentists, so we can guarantee a full and high-quality service combined with a fast performance. The Dental Centre Jelić offers a variety of different dental care services, among which there is the Dental Orthopan service, which provides digital images of one's teeth and jaw. The variety of services that we offer had inspired us for our motto: "One-stop dental care".

This private dental practice, owned by Lidija Crvelin Jelić, Doctor of Dental Medicine, who is also a licenced court appointed expert, has been in business since 1993 and it has been located at 33 Hrgovići street ever since. Apart from the private dental care services, we also offer our services via Croatia Health Insurance policy.

The continuous improvement of our knowledge combined with the usage of innovative medical devices and sophisticated materials give us the opportunity to offer all types of dental care services to our patients. The members of our expert team stay up-to-date with the latest innovations in the field of dental medicine via attending different seminars, conferences and workshops. Apart from our expert team, we are glad to cooperate with the experts in the fields of endodontics, periodontology, oral surgery and orthodontics as well as with our dental laboratory experts.


Lidija Crvelin Jelić, Doctor of Dental Medicine

Untitled-1.jpgLidija Crvelin Jelić, Doctor of Dental Medicine & Sanela Paurević, Nurse

SAM_0113.jpgLidija Crvelin Jelić, Doctor of Dental Medicine & Iva Vdović, Doctor of Dental Medicine

Lidija & IgorLidija Crvelin Jelić, Doctor of Dental Medicine & Igor Kosmina, Doctor of Dental Medicine