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The Dental Centre Jelić's expert team stays up-to-date with the latest innovations in the field of dental medicine through constant education and professional development via attending different seminars, conferences and workshops, held both in Croatia and abroad. This is the reason why we can offer you a different approach and different solutions for your dental problems, which are in compliance with the latest scientific knowledge in the field of dental medicine. This allows us to provide you with a full and high quality service, which meets the top-rated standards of the profession.

At the end of 2011, Lidija Crvelin Jelić, Doctor of Dental Medicine, has gained the iTOP Advanced level certificate, which had enabled her to conduct this program in the Dental Centre Jelić.

iTOP - individually trained oral prophylaxis, is considered to be a new approach to dental hygiene and it had been developed by experts in the field of dental medicine. The main goal of the iTOP program is to achieve keeping up a high level of dental hygiene, especially a proper teeth and gum hygiene to ensure health of all the structures, that can be found in the oral cavity, ranging from one's natural teeth and gum to the proper maintenance of dental restorations and implants.

In the Dental Centre Jelić, we teach our patients the know-how to maintain a proper oral hygiene via the iTOP program and the T2T (Touch to Teach) principle through individually thought skills, which give excellent results by enabling people to preserve healthy teeth and gums throughout their lives. The iTOP Advanced concept also encompasses adequate education on eliminating causative agents of oral diseases, so we can get our patients acquainted with our knowledge on the fact that it is possible to preserve teeth and periodontium well-being as well as it is possible to treat all of the pre-existing teeth and periodontal diseases. 
By using the iTOP method for preserving healthy teeth as well as the overall oral health, you will gain a lifelong knowledge on how to maintain a successful oral hygiene by using the right tools to do so.



Lidija Crvelin Jelić, Doctor of Dental Medicine


Igor1Igor Kosina, Doctor of Dental Medicine



Iva Vdović, Doctor of Dental Medicine




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Oxana Belušić, Dental assistant